New for 2019: No need to sign up!

Hello! After careful consideration, I've decided to stop sending email newsletters. The hymn studies will simply be uploaded to the Year 6 Resources page on my website. Visit the page to click on the next available hymn study.

The first hymn is already ready for you! Just click the hymn name and a google doc will open up. You may print & share. I will slowly be updating former hymn study years to this format. I recommend following along with Year 6 as I work behind the scenes on the others. 

I'll still be available on Facebook and email ( if you need to or want to reach out. God bless you for learning the hymns and adding some beautiful Catholic music into your home life! 

Please do not use this sign-up form. I am not going to be sending out any new emails. Thank you and God bless! - Erin
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