The Sacred Music Study Newsletter is one-of-a-kind.  Once a month, I provide plans for teaching yourself, and any children in your life, how to sing one new Catholic hymn, chant, or song a month. If you homeschool, this Newsletter will provide you with a Catholic Hymn Study based on the Charlotte Mason method.

Each month you will be given FREE sheet music, audio clips, video (if available), lyrics, and hymn study activities or assignment ideas that are appropriate for children and adults. All the hard work has been done for you, so now it's easy for you to bring traditional Catholic music into your home.

Join in anytime. The hymns aren't necessarily studied from "easiest" to "hardest". You don't need to buy anything, except maybe a binder to keep the sheet music if you decide to print it out. Personally, I print out our favorites, and collect them in a binder called the McFarland Family Hymnal. 

Once you confirm your free subscription, you will receive confirmation emails. PLEASE OPEN THEM because they include the link that you will need to view the current (and past) issues. New issues are sent out once a month, usually the last Monday of the month. I try to send them out about a week before the new month starts, to give you enough time to prep for the new month and new hymn.

Archived Newsletters will be made available to subscribers only. 
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